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Samstag, 08. Mai 2010

Electro Hammam by Ihu Anyanwu

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Electro Hammam is an Electronic music and production workshop series taking place in Vienna, Austria. The workshops are organized and instructed by Ihu Anyanwu, an electro singer, producer and DJ. Get info about upcoming workshops, new music, and all the latest news. Powered by Hezekina Pollutina.

Elec­t­ro Ham­mam is an Elec­tro­nic music and pro­duc­tion work­shop series taking place in Vien­na, Aus­tria. The work­shops are orga­ni­zed and ins­truc­ted by Ihu Any­an­wu, an elec­t­ro sin­ger, pro­du­cer and DJ. Get info about upco­ming work­shops, new music, and all the latest news. Powered by Heze­ki­na Pollutina.
Latest tracks by Elec­t­ro Hammam

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